Max180 has a very comprehensive fitness program to help lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. Our company is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction. Max180 has proven to produce consistently positive results in appearance, strength, mental and physical fitness. We give excellent customer and ensure a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price. We maintain a friendly exercise environment that respects diversity, individual abilities and limitations.

Group Hybrid Training



Our Group hybrid training is a combination of various styles of training. Body weight training, free weight training, Pilates, kettle bells, yoga and more. The group workout program is guaranteed to provide accountability and the encouragement needed to inspire change.


Your safety and effectiveness of your workouts is our main focus. We also take special care to maintain a positive environment through uplifting music and an encouraging staff.


Group Hybrid exercise classes will soon be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure your success!



                                                 COMING SOON

            Drenched Kickboxing

Get ready to sweat!. This unique twist on kickboxing is the ultimate cardio class that guarantees to leave you drenched.  Come join us for a fun way to burn hundreds of calories. This class offers great music, high energy and a variety of movements that will strengthen tone and improve core strength.


                                               COMING SOON


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