Tre' Jacobs is a one of a kind self defense & fitness expert. He has trained for 28 years in self defense and various martial arts disciplines. He holds a black belt in Ju-Jitsu, Tae kwon do, Judo, Tsung soo do, with years of experience in  kung- fu, boxing, weapons training and stunt work.  He has competed in several world karate tournaments across the nation. Currently in 2017 he holds the honor of a karate world grand champion.   As a 5x international karate champion he hopes to teach everyone how to be confident in any dangerous situation. 


    "Self Defense is a tool to save lives not end them.  Learning the martial arts forces each practitioner to be responsible and interact with each person as if they have a loaded weapon on their hip. Using martial arts to defend oneself is expected.  Thats why we train. However just like a loaded gun, sometimes its best not use it.  "  -Tre Jacobs

Tre gained his personal training certification through AFAA  in 2004 .  It didn't take long for nutrition became a passion of his due to the long hours of writing meal plans for clients. He concluded, there had to be one solution. He found a food solution that has worked for thousands.  The rigors needed to adjust to each client has inspired Tre to keep each client informed with the truth & not a temporary diet solution.  

Based out of Reseda  Ca 91335               Call  (818) 564 - 8645  for  more details