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What’s on your plate?


 We recommend a holistic approach to eating. Your diet should consist of a variety of produce, proteins and healthy fats.




  3 areas where your diet can get you the

  Fitness results you need.


  Eat clean


 Eating clean comprises of eating  mostly

 organic foods that are free of preservatives,

 additives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, all

 forms of wheat and gluten. 


         Other Things to EXCLUDE:


Artificial flavors

Artificial coloring


High Fructose corn syrup

Inflammatory foods




  Increase nutritional intake


 Due to an overconsumption of processed foods and fast foods, many people are nutritionally deficient. These foods are calorically heavy yet fail to provide adequate nutrition which leaves the body lacking the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins it needs. This unhealthy style of eating causes one to be malnourished. In addition, this type of diet is the reason why many are overweight. In an effort to protect the organs from toxin build up, the body produces and stores the toxins in fat.  There is no supplementation for eating a diet comprised of nutrient dense foods.



  Balance your blood sugar


 Eating foods that have a low glycemic index is beneficial for many reasons. The glycemic Index is a tool used to measure how a food affects the blood sugar level. Each food is given a number rating. The lower rated food gradually raises the blood sugar level which helps the body maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

 Have you ever eaten and felt tired and/or hungry soon after?  The culprit is most likely a high glycemic food. A high glycemic food quickly raises your blood sugar level and disrupts your normal metabolism and mood. In addition to the overconsumption of food, this process is also accompanied by a host of other negative health effects.



 Sample Meal day


Pre workout meal: (drink water)

(Light snack or nothing at all)

ex. Hand full of nuts/seeds or half of apple


Workout: @ 5am (drink water)


Breakfast: (Drink water and/or Tea)

 Mushrooms with spinach, onion & bell peppers (add avocados for source of healthy fat)


Post workout meal: (drink water)

Baked Wild Caught Fish or Grass Fed Organic Chicken with green Salad, handful of nuts and a hand full of berries


Lunch: (drink water)

Protein Smoothie


Snack: (drink water)

Half serving of Salmon Or Avocado and a hand full of nuts/seeds


Dinner: (drink water)

Stir-fry veggies with walnuts and coconut oil


2 hrs. after dinner (get ready for bed)




Food of the month: Ginger


Ginger has a long tradition of being very affective in alleviating symptoms of gut distress. This spice  which is common in Asian and Indian cooking, have been shown in various studies to have anti-inflammatory properties. Some benefits t oconsuming ginger include,  clear sinsus, relieve joint pain, prevent nausea.

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